Drawing Automation Tool

From the folks that started the Electronic Commerce era for the D.O.D comes an automation tool to extract drawings from the 'C' folder within DLA's repository. Since we are the folks that started the EDMICS/JEDMICS program, who better to automate the extraction process!

Automated Downloads

Drawings are downloaded to the client, based upon thier user profile of NSN's being monitored. This process is automated and requires no client interaction with the program.

'C' folder Drawings

The 'C' folder drawings are cataloged by RFP number downloaded from the 'C' folder. The program automates the downloading process based upon RFP/NSN profiles listed in the Proxity service by the client. 

Zip files directly to you

Extracted downloaded zip files are sent directly to a specified location on the client computer. The drawings are provided in the Government's C-4 format zip file under files names of RFP numbers.

Automatic Drawings

Spend your time running your business while we are at work generating your "c" folder drawings for you. There are lots of drawings to extract in order to work up a response to the D.L.A. NSN solicitations. Proxity does not handle the "c" folders extractions, they are sent directly to you.  


The annual cost of acquiring Drawing Automation Technologies (DAT) is $500 a year.
We offer a absolute guarantee of success or your money back! 
If for some reason you are not absolutely delighted with the service you receive, we will refund your money. Refunds are available within the first 30 days.

Issues that have arisen during downloading files of DATpro have been a stoppage due to security precautions by your network.

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