About Proxity

The founder of Proxity also built, designed, and or sold the following solutions which was the beginning foundation of the Electronic Commerce world for the Government.


Owned and operated the first online parts system of the NSN's


The Government's first CD system of NSN's.


Navy Print on Demand, converted all Mil and Fed specs and Standards to electronic format for printing on demand.

Paperless ship

Organized first effort to use CD "Jukeboxes" and large Optical platters for storage of technical data on ships and land based repositories.


Utilizing the same system as NPODS


Cataloging tools online for DLA


The first online database of drawings, solicitations, and Non Government Standards.

Digitized Libraries

First ever facility to convert libraries to digitized optical libraries.

Use of Internet

Sold first ever solution of downloading all Microsoft software via the internet to desktops and servers. Sold 1 million licenses to the Military.

Utilize SGML

First service facility to utilize SGML in the Tech Manual world.

We at Proxity have been using this form of extraction since 2006 for our service. We download class "A" drawings which are open and clear. 



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